Comprehensive Nutrient Packs Advanced - 30 packets

Comprehensive Nutrient Packs Advanced - 30 packets

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Non GMO LE Certified
Daily Supply of Key Nutrients in Convenient Packets
Dietary Supplement
Made with Quality Kaneka Ubiquinol

We have combined our Best in Class multivitamins, best-selling CoQ10 and other top supplements in convenient single-serve packets to provide a strong foundation for health and longevity.

Adequate intake of vitamins and minerals is key to health and longevity. Since it can be difficult to get all the nutrients the body needs on a daily basis from diet alone, multi-nutrient supplementation helps ensure optimal intake. We’ve combined some of Life Extension’s top supplements in a convenient daily, single-serve packet.

Nutrient Packs ADVANCED supplement is our top multivitamin with fish oil, CoQ10, curcumin and oil-based nutrients.

Delivers super-potent vitamin and mineral support
Supports whole-body health with an ultra-absorbable curcumin
Promotes cell energy & heart health with CoQ10
Supports heart & brain health with high-quality fish oil
Promotes healthy vision & more with fat-soluble vitamins and phytonutrients

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