Anti-Alcohol HepatoProtection Complex - 60 vcaps

Anti-Alcohol HepatoProtection Complex - 60 vcaps

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Anti-Alcohol Antioxidants with Hepatoprotection Complex-100 Capsules from Life Extension may protect your liver from the side-effects of alcohol (ethanol) consumption. Many people believe that the liver breaks down ingested ethanol and processes it. An acute overdose of ethanol could harm the liver either by the formation of harmful free radicals or by its toxic metabolite acetaldehyde.

N-acetyl-l-cysteine (NAC) present in this formula from Life Extension could react with acetaldehyde and avert its harmful effects on proteins. NAC is necessary for the formation of glutathione‚ a cell protecting antioxidant. It could also reduce the buildup of lipids within hepatocytes. Studies show that neurons require thiamin that may be lacking in individuals who consume ethanol frequently. Vitamin C and benfontiamine appear to have antioxidant properties.

The Hepato Protection Complex consists of chlorophyllin‚ grape seed extracts‚ Picrorhiza kurroa extracts‚ barley grass and resveratrol. Chlorophyllin is a form of chlorophyll. Grape seeds extracts are rich in flavonoids like proanthocyanidins. Picrorhiza contains a chemical called kuktin that may have antioxidant properties‚ boost immunity and support a healthy liver.

Resveratrol may contain antioxidants called polyphenols that could reduce oxidative stress. Protect your liver health with Anti-Alcohol Antioxidants with Hepatoprotection Complex-100 Capsules from Life Extension.

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