5-LOX Inhibitor with ApresFlex, 100mg - 60 vcaps

5-LOX Inhibitor with ApresFlex, 100mg - 60 vcaps

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Non GMO LE Certified
Next Generation Boswellia Extract
Dietary Supplement

Compounds in Boswellia extract have been shown to bind directly to 5-LOX, an enzyme that transforms fatty acids into inflammatory factors like leukotriene B4.. A compound in boswellia called AKBA is the key to this beneficial action. Each 100 mg vegetarian capsule of 5-LOX Inhibitor with ApresFlex is standardized to provide 20% of active AKBA from boswellia.

ApresFlex absorbs 52% more than standard boswellia extract and is standardized for the active AKBA compound.

5-LOX Inhibitor with ApresFlex Benefits

Made with standardized Boswellia serrata extract
Promotes a healthy inflammatory response by inhibiting 5-LOX enzyme
Supports joint health, arterial health & healthy cell division

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