Who are the professionals behind our tests?

Our company is an exclusive partner of MicroTrace Minerals, a state of the art clinical and environmental laboratory in Hersbruck, Germany. Micro Trace Minerals was founded in 1975,specializing in the analysis of minerals and toxic metals, as well as Orthomolecular medicine and chelation therapy.
Micro Trace Minerals provides a wide range of diagnostics to doctors and clinics worldwide, while also actively pursuing research, being involved in humanitarian projects, seeking and providing answers to environmental problems. To assure quality, Micro Trace Minerals engages in Multielement External Quality Assessment Schemes (Round Robins) with the Centre de Toxicologie / IBSPQ of the Institut National de Santé Publique Quebec, Canada.

The Team

Yvette M. Busch BS, CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Dr. E. Blaurock-Busch PhD, Research Director
Dr. Reinhard Strey MD
Prof. Dr. Claus Schulte-Uebbing MD

Certificates, Standards and recognitions

  • AKS-PL-20918

  • ISO/IEC     17025:2005

  • Recipe Reference Laboratory 2011

  • Member, Relana© Quality Circle (membership is provided to quality analytical     laboratories that have met highest expert requirements)

  • QS-System for Foods

  • VDI-DIN-Certificate for Testing of Pharmaceuticals

The Technology

Our hair test offers an accurate analysis of 35 different elements which include minerals, microminerals and metals. These are detected by ICP/MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy), an advanced technology that can detect and quantify most of the periodic table elements in very small concentrations. This technology is also applied in the pharmaceutical field, forensics, geology, toxicology and more.


We are always on a mission to extend our knowledge, conduct research and find conclusive evidence. We joined forces with Micro Trace Minerals and carried out the research “Chronic Metal Exposure, Air Pollution and Cancer in Haifa, Israel”, which was published in the British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research in 2015 and has received major attention worldwide.
You can view it here.
Other studies about heavy metal toxicity and biochemistry can be found here.

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