Does BewellMed have anyone who can assist me with a nutrition program?

In need of finding out how to create a regimen of nutritional supplements, diet, and exercise that is customized for your personal needs, our team of Wellness Specialists and Naturopath Specialists are ready to assist

How does a Naturopath differ from a mainstream-medicine doctor?

Naturopathy differs from mainstream medicine in its aim to treat the cause and not the symptoms. Naturopathic doctors (NDs) treat patients as individuals by addressing not only symptoms, but as well the physical, environmental, lifestyle, attitudinal, and emotional aspects of health. This allows naturopaths to find and treat the cause of the disease using a variety of therapies.

How can Naturopath help me?

Schedule a Private Consultation with our best Naturopath on the team. We offer variety of options: consultation only, personalized dietary plan, nutrition plan based on our lab test results, and much more.






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