Institutions, Clinics & Wholesalers

Be prepared so your company’s employees are protected!

Proper readiness with adequate supplies will first and foremost help ensure the safety of all employees.

Furthermore, anticipating your needs in advance will save your organization unnecessary costs due to illness and staff absence  and ensure that the product reaches you on time.

We at BEWELLMED  facilitate your purchase by offering a range of discount options to institutional customers for bulk purchases.

It is recommended to purchase a number of smaller orders rather than too large a single order.

 Given the spread of the virus around the world, we are experiencing very high demand for protective masks, and cobid 19 self-test leading to lack of inventory. Therefore, it is highly recommended to make reservations in advance.

Our purchasing team makes great efforts to process the orders as quickly as possible. This is to guarantee the packaging and dispatch of shipments and delivery of the goods before the promised date!

 We allow institutions to reserve a 50% cash advance down payment on booking.

 This ensures that the orders are secured and are completed by us in real cycles that we can deliver.

 Please specify quantity, organization name and role in your inquiry :
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