Q: What are the advantages of hair mineral analysis?
A: A hair mineral analysis may provide a more representative picture than a blood analysis for minerals. Sometimes, accumulations of minerals in the body are removed from the blood and deposited into the tissues, which can make them undetectable in the blood. Benefits of a hair test include:

- Easy to collect at home, non-invasive, pain free 
- A hair test is usually more affordable than mineral testing through other means
- Long-term retention or deficiencies are more easily detected in hair than blood.
- With a hair test, you can learn about the history of mineral levels and exposure, as well as the current status.
- Hair absorbs substances entering from the blood serum as well as from external sources.
- A hair test will provide the most accurate analysis of toxic metal levels. 

Q: Where will my sample be sent to?
A: Your sample will be sent to our Laboratory in Hersbruck, Germany. You can read more about the lab here.

Q: How long does it take until I get my results?
A: Depending on your country and location, results should be provided within approximately 14-21 days. In rare cases, there may be minor delays in the delivery service which could affect the time it takes to provide results.

Q: What does the test kit include?
A: a sample tube, an information sheet with instructions and a submission form.

Q: Do I need to pay the shipping expenses?
A: We give two options upon purchase: you can either pay 39 USD for an express Fedex Shipping that we will arrange for you, or you can ship the sample yourself via a delivery service of your choice. Different companies have different delivery times and this can affect how long it would take until you receive your results.

Q: What will I get with my results?
A: You will get an e-mail with a PDF file of your results. Along with your analysis, we will give you professional nutritional recommendation or a detox plan, based on your results. These are analysed and provided directly by the laboratory scientists. You can take a look at an example of a result sheet here

Q: What quality standards and certificates does the Be Well Med laboratory meet?
ISO/IEC  17025:2005 Recipe Reference Laboratory 2011
Member, Relana© Quality Circle (membership is provided to quality analytical laboratories that have met highest expert requirements)
QS-System for Foods
VDI-DIN-Certificate for Testing of Pharmaceuticals 

Q: What symptoms and conditions is a hair test relevant to?
A: hair loss, alopecia, itchy scalp, dandruff, seborrhoea,psoriasis, ear infections, eye irritation, blurred vision, glaucoma, runny nose, allergies, loss of sense of smell, mouth candida. Gum inflammation,caries, herpes, hair follicle inflammation, thyroid under-function, hyperthyroid, low or high blood pressure, anaemia, schizophrenia, mental illness,Parkinson’s, Alzheimer, cancer, ALS, over sweating, autism, ADD / ADHD, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, weakness, development problems in children,carpal tunnel syndrome, Gout,diabetes, stroke, migraines, headaches, obesity, anorexia. 

Q: How much hair should I cut?
A: 0.30 grams, or about two full tablespoons.  You will receive exact instructions with your test kit.

Q: Can dyed hair be used as a sample?
A: no, dyed hair cannot be tested, but It is possible to test pubic hair instead. A fingernail sample can also be tested.