Ashley M., 44
My story is pretty amazing! one day my skin started itching out of the blue. I tried different ways to stop it: changed my shampoo, took allergy medication but nothing made it go away. My mom is a dermatologist and she was puzzled about my situation too. However, my mom was studying Naturopathy back then and became familiar with hair tests for heavy metals and minerals. I was skeptic but I decided to do the test and to my amazement, I found out I had nickel toxicity, which resulted in a chronic skin allergy.Turns out the problem began because of my long-time obsession with jewelry. For many years, I have been wearing a massive amount of jewelry and I had multiple body piercings. Who knew this had such an influence on my health?I went jewelry free for a few months and detoxed with supplements and nutrition. Results became noticeable pretty fast. I am happy that we live in a world where technology is advanced enough to be able to provide so many different insights about our health!
Eric F., 62
About two years ago I went to see my GP because I was experiencing severe headaches on the left side of my head. The pain wouldn’t go away even after taking various pain medications. I was referred to a Neurologist and my pain still couldn’t be explained, so I was told it was probably due to stress and I should take sometime off.Then, I shared my frustration with a friend I work out with at the gym. He told me I should do a hair mineral analysis test, something I didn’t know anything about. I immediately looked it up online because at that point I was desperate to find an explanation for my headaches. I came across BE WELL MED’s website and decided to give it a try after reading positive reviews. Shortly afterwards, I received a test kit in the mail, sent out a small hair sample and got results about two weeks later. They were SHOCKING! My mercury levels were 8 times higher than the acceptable range. I had no idea what it meant but the laboratory report explained everything and things all the sudden made sense. My personal trainer gave me a new intense muscle building nutrition plan which included eating 4 cans of tuna a day. Apparently, many types of fish contain mercury and could be harmful when consumed in large amounts. I would have never guessed that this was triggering my headaches! I switched the fish for plant-based protein and after three months my headaches were almost completely gone. I am so thankful to my gym buddy for his advice!
Laura P., 51
Thank you Be Well Med team for making me feel so much better and more vital than ever! I have suffered from abdominal discomfort and bloating for years. I tried different diets as well as prescription pills, but I was still feeling horrible after every meal. Thanks to Be Well Med’s hair mineral analysis I knew exactly what foods were causing imbalances in my body. After cutting down on dairy,tomatoes, eggplants and pickles and creating a new customized diet plan with Be Well Med’s nutritionist I have experienced major improvement, as well as weight loss. I feel light, healthy, happy and I am not afraid to enjoy food anymore!
Joseph A., 62
In the last decade I have been suffering from severe mood swings. I was generally unmotivated and I just lost my passion for life. I lost interest for many hobbies and activities I used to do. I’ve tried meditating, therapy and even prescription drugs which made me drowsy.A friend has recommended doing a hair test and detect possibly abnormal levels of different minerals and heavy metals, which could be directly related to my mood and energy. Of course I was hesitant at first however I decided to be open minded and give it a try.The test has found abnormal levels of copper, aluminum and mercury. Turns out that the deodorant brand I have been using for years wasn’t aluminum free. On top of that, I was working for an automotive parts manufacturer, where mercury was used for production and I got exposed to this toxin through inhalation. The professional team at Be Well Med and the accurate analysis & results helped me towards solving my issue. Although I am already retired, I have switched to natural deodorants and made some other lifestyle changes that helped me balance the toxins in my body. I feel much better and I highly recommend this test!
Martha J.,49
I am generally healthy, fit and active and I work out on a regular basis. However, in the last 5 years I have gained a total of 20 lbs for no apparent reason and couldn’t get rid them no matter what I did!
I cut down on sugar, eliminated white bread and other foods that were problematic for my weight, but nothing changed. One day I was reading some health magazine and read about HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) and it sounded like something I should try! I found out that I had a chromium deficiency which was affecting my insulin function and my cravings. Together with Be Well Med’s nutritionist I was able to navigate through the situation with more knowledge, take appropriate supplements and adjust my diet accordingly. Science combined with an individual, personalized approach can make wonders! Thanks Be Well Med and Ruth the nutritionist, I am smiling everyday!