Research on HTMA testing


If you want to read more about the health implications of heavy metal exposure and biochemical imbalances, we have gathered some research that you may find useful.


Decreased Zinc and Increased Copper in Individuals with Anxiety

- Mercury in the Spinal Cord After Inhalation of Mercury *** Click here for PDF format ***

- The Role of Zinc and Copper in Autism Spectrum Disorders *** Click here for PDF format ***

- Alzheimer Disease: Mercury as Pathogenetic Factor and Apolipoprotein E as a Moderator *** Click here for PDF format ***

- Toxicity, Mechanism and Health Effects of Some Heavy Metals

- Hazards of Heavy Metal Contamination

Heavy Metals and Trace Elements in Blood, Hair and Urine of Nigerian Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

- Toxic Metals and Essential Elements in Hair and Severity of Symptoms among Children with Autism

- Autism and Air Pollution: The Link Grows Stronger

- Mom’s Exposure to Mercury Linked to Kids’ ADHD Symptoms

- Geographical relation between Alzheimer's disease and aluminum in drinking water

- Link between Aluminum and the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease: The Integration of the Aluminum and Amyloid Cascade Hypotheses

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