Check Your Body’s Biochemical Balance with a Simple Test.

The Test That Will Help You Improve Your Physical and Mental Wellness.

Minerals are vital for your organism, that’s something we all know. However, not so many people know that minerals could also have toxic effects on the body. Even “good” minerals such as Zinc and Copper can have adverse effects on our overall health if their presence in our system is out of balance, or if our system has difficulties eliminating them. Today, a simple lab test can detect those imbalances and provide valuable information to the patient. This test will expose any mineral imbalances and detect the toxicity level of heavy metals in your system. It can be effective in finding the culprit behind different conditions and symptoms. It is important to note that this test is not only a diagnostic tool that helps find the right treatment for your condition, but the results can also reveal what lifestyle changes should be done in one’s specific case.

Who Should Get Tested?

  • People who are regularly exposed to toxins in their workplace–dentists, painters,divers, people who serve in the military.
  • Fish consumers: people who consume high amounts of fish as a part of their diet are at risk of having excess mercury, which can be poisonous.
  • Parents who are concerned about their child’s health: using low quality toys that contain heavy metals such as Lead, can increase the risk of developing ADHD.
  • People who suffer from headaches and migraines, persistent skin problems, hair loss, fatigue and exhaustion.

Your physical and cognitive function can be significantly improved by taking this test. Testing for ratio imbalances of minerals and heavy metals in our system will reflect on the condition of our cellular health and improve cell function by targeting the nutritional deficiencies discovered in the results. Biochemical imbalances that are not treated may eventually result in cellular dysfunction and various diseases.

Many people are not aware of the fact that excess metals in our system could have toxic effects on the body, decrease mineral absorption and possibly contribute to the development of conditions such as chronic migraines, depression, anxiety, symptoms of early Alzheimer’s, Psoriasis, ADHD and more.

Preventative Measures: This test will detect current exposure to toxic metals, which we are rarely aware of. These metals can be found in items from our everyday life, such as toys, cosmetic products, jewelry, dental fillings and even the water we drink.

Life style Improvements: A Hair Test will help adjust your diet and nutrition,if it turns out to be high in toxins and not suitable for you. Thanks to the 35-element test, you can now know exactly which minerals are absorbed in your system better than others and what the ratio between minerals and metals is. A mineral excess or deficiency can have adverse implications on your health. Additionally, this test can determine how well different supplements are absorbed in the body and create an efficient,customized plan for the patient.

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