BTOX: Testing Yourself for Dangerous Toxins and GI Diseases

Health and medicine used to be much harder. Doctors were actually operating in the dark, never knowing about the world of cells, viruses, and bacteria. Today, the world of medicine is a very different one. Doctors now have thousands of tests to determine what's wrong with us.

One of the biggest problems with detection, however, even in this age, is that all the tests are done at clinics and hospitals, meaning we the person must first DETECT a problem or a symptom with ourselves. Often, by the time a symptom manifests strongly enough for us to finally realize something is truly wrong - the problem has already gotten much, much worse.

For example, take the case of stomach problems. Did you know over 52% of people over the age of 40 report suffering from CONTINUOUS gut and stomach pain or discomfort? That percent continues to climb as we advance in age. Most of us just shrug it off and blame food or bad digestion. We try to vary our diet and tell ourselves the discomfort is a bit better while most of the time it continues.

Common symptoms that occur continuously can be bloating, constipation, diarrhea, Crohn's Disease, IBS and other digestive issues we deal with. The biggest problem is these GI problems are linked to other issues such as skin conditions and autoimmune disease or even psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression. The stomach is a nerve center and can affect the rest of the body in a thousand different ways.

We're fortunate though because we live at an age where medical tests are now starting to be offered as home kits. These kits can be ordered and easily performed at home, allowing us to find medical problems we didn't even know we had, and at a much earlier stage.

Years of eating food left in the open and food that has gone through unwashed hands or just unlucky enough to be near toxins at some point. Most of these toxins get washed away with our urine, but a certain group of toxins do not go anywhere but sink into your guts and stomach, staying and building up in your body.

For GI problems, we now have tests that can be taken at home. These tests are called BTOX tests and they give actual clarity about the situation in your gut by screening it and identifying the exact food sensitivities that trigger your autoimmune and chronic illnesses. The test provides you with a crucial list of foods are good for your personal digestive system and those that are destroying on your guts – and that should be avoided at all costs.

his is something we highly recommend doing for yourself and the adults in your family. You receive a home test you can conduct easily on your own, then you just fill up a questionnaire and send it back with your collected sample in order to receive a full analysis of your biochemistry, warning as to potential problems, and a nutritional plan designed individually to correct the issue. It's never too early to catch something that may affect your entire life unless stopped. The BTOX test comes with a detailed nutritional plan after finding out what exactly is wrong with your GI.

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