Anti-Aging & Longevity

Dietary choices are vital to delay the onset of aging and age-related diseases, and the sooner you begin, the greater the advantage.



A few foods and beverages contain potent substances called phytonutrients that some trust are capable of unlocking the key to longevity.

Phytonutrients, which are members of the antioxidant family, gobble up "free radicals" -- that play a role in the onset of illnesses like heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer's. As we age, we get more susceptible to the long-term effects of oxidative stress and inflammation on the cellular level. The theory is that antioxidants and additional age-defying compounds help cells ward off damage from free radicals and downplay the affect of aging.

Beyond antioxidants, some other compounds in foods may impact aging. They may be classified according to their impact on inflammation at the cellular level, experts state. All foods fit into 3 categories: pro-inflammatory, neutral, or anti inflammatory. You are able to help to slow aging at the cellular level by picking out foods that are anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants.




Age-related alterations might be reversed by consuming foods and beverages that are rich in an assortment of compounds, including antioxidants, and are anti-inflammatory, like cold-water fish and richly colored fruits and veggies.

On the other hand, foods classified as pro-inflammatory may speed up aging. If we consume great amounts of saturated or trans fatty acids, sugars, and starches, insulin levels surge and trigger an anti-inflammatory reaction and speed up the aging process. While the advantages to eating healthy are numerous, diet is for sure not the only factor that affects the aging process. Still, arriving at smart lifestyle choices are inside your control, and are among the best things you may do to help prevent disease and retard aging. For maximum advantages, experts say, you ought to load up on an assortment of healthy foods. We understand about antioxidants and anti-inflammatory activities of foods, but we suspect there may be so much more going on beyond attacking free radicals that boost health and ward off disease. Adding these foods and beverages into your eating plan for great health and to reduce the signs of aging:


Fish. Abide by the guidelines of the American Heart Association and consume twice weekly, particularly the fatty kind that's rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This is a potent anti-inflammatory food that provides a multitude of health advantages. 

Fruits and veggies are powerhouses of antioxidants. Aim for an assortment of colorful produce. Enjoy at least five servings per day for the upper limit advantages. 

Whole grains supply soluble fiber to help lower blood cholesterol levels, and likewise have phytonutrient content - 17 - equal to any fruit or veggie. Reach for at least three daily servings. 

Legumes are unsung heroes, jammed with nutrients similar to fruits and veggies and with really few calories. Add them to your diet three to four times a week. 

Yogurt has all the advantages of dairy foods, plus probiotics that help increase healthy bacteria to the intestines. Eat a yogurt with active cultures as one of your three dairy servings daily. 

Nuts are a good source of B vitamins that are great for your heart and your brain. The healthy fats in nuts benefit the elastin and collagen in skin, helping to maintaining skin's structure and keep it resilient. Little portions are advised, as nuts are high in calories.

Water is crucial for hydration of the skin, muscles, circulation, and all organs in the body. Enjoy three -four glasses of pure water in addition to other liquids and liquid foods.


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